Contents of Node.js


Chapter Title
1 What is Node.js?
[Node.js basic concept](./introduction/#What is node.js?)
[Features of Node.js](./introduction/#Features of node.js)
[How to use Node.js](./introduction/#How to use node.js)
[Benefits of server-side development with Node.js](./introduction/#Benefits of server-side development with node.js)
2 It’s easy! How to build a node.js environment
[How to download and install Node.js](./introduction/#How to download and install node.js)
[Basic usage of Node.js](./introduction/#Basic usage of node.js)
[Libraries required for Node.js](./introduction/#Libraries required for node.js)
[How to build a development environment for Node.js](./introduction/#How to build a development environment for node.js)
3 How to use modules in Node.js
[Node.js module type](./module/#node.js module type)
[How to use the core module](./module/#How to use the core module)
[How to use a local module](./module/#How to use a local module)
[How to use third-party modules](./module/#How to use third-party modules)
4 How to create routing process with Node.js native HTTP module
[Method for creating routing](./nodejs-native-http-module-routing-creation-method/#Method for creating routing)
[How to use various API methods](./nodejs-native-http-module-routing-creation-method/#How to use various API methods)
5 How to handle request information in Node.js
[How to get request information](./nodejs-internal-external-api-execution-method/#How to get request information)
6 How to modify response information in Node.js
[How to edit response information](./nodejs-response-info-editing-method/#How to edit response information)
7 Method for API linkage with Node.js
[Method to execute API from frontend](./nodejs-internal-external-api-execution-method#Method to execute API from frontend)
[Send a request to an external API](./nodejs-internal-external-api-execution-method#Send a request to an external API)
8 Efficient handling of static files using Node.js
[Static file routing](./static-file#Static file routing)