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I installed Dokuwiki, a wiki tool that has a lot of plugins, many functions, and does not require a DB.


A LAMP or LEMP environment has been created.

Download and deploy Dokuwiki

Execute the following command

tar -xzvf dokuwiki-8a269cc015a64b40e4c918699f1e1142.tgz
mv to ./dokuwiki/ document root

Install Dokuwiki

Please access [server IP/dokuwiki/install.php] and check the image below. I’m getting an error because I haven’t set the permissions.

Move to the downloaded dokuwiki directory and run

[example@123-45-67-89 dokuwiki]# chmod 777 conf
[example@123-45-67-89 dokuwiki]# chmod 777 data
[example@123-45-67-89 dokuwiki]# chmod 777 ./lib/plugins
[example@123-45-67-89 dokuwiki]# cd ./data
[example@123-45-67-89 data]# chmod 777 ./cache ./index ./locks ./media ./attic ./media_attic ./media_meta ./meta ./pages ./tmp

Please access [server IP/dokuwiki/install.php] again. You should see the following warnings. This is a warning that you are exposing a directory that should not be exposed to users. The directories that should be set to private are as follows. 2.conf 3.bin 5.vendors

For apache server edit /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf Add the following

<Directory /var/www/html/dokuwiki>
   Allow Override All

For nginx server Edit /etc/nginx/conf/nginx.conf

location ~ /(data|conf|bin|inc|vendor)/ {
  deny all;

After completing the above, fill in the input items in the DokuWiki Installer and press Save. You should see the screen below.

It says to delete install.php. Let’s go to the [server IP/dokuwiki] directory and delete install.php.

[example@123-45-67-89 dokuwiki]#rm -rf install.php

that’s all. good job for today.